Title: Assessment of Factors Associated with Caesarean Section Among Women Attending Kampala International University Teaching Hospital: A Retrospective Study
Author(s): Theophilus Pius, Namiwanda Joaniter, Solomon Mbina, Saphurah Nabaasa, Susan Nabukeera, Ibrahim Ntulume, Robinson Ssebuufu, Ejike Daniel Eze
Year 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Case Studies in Clinical Research
File: PDF
Keywords: Caeserean Section Patient related factors Medical related factors

The rate of caesarean section has continue to increase worldwide and the lack of harmony on its indications and the associated shortand long-term risks has been a cause of concern among health professionals and the public at large. A retrospective study was done to assess factors associated with caesarean section at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital (KIU-TH) Western Uganda from 2017- 2018. KIU-TH is the biggest hospital in Bushenyi district and also served as a referral hospital to neighbouring district in Western and other parts of Uganda. This study reviewed 320 women records that underwent CS. Data was collected systematically using simple structured questionnaires and was analyzed using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). Out of the 320 records reviewed, patient related factors has an increased odd with maternal ages 32-38 and 39-45 were significance, Occupational status, Level of education and primigravidas were significance factors associated with rate of CS. On medical related factors, fetal distress, obstructed/prolonged labour, premature rapture of membrane and mal-presentation were significance associated factors at p-value<0.005 respectively. Despite the factors indicated in this study, pregnant women with should be encourage to attend antenatal clinics for proper preparation towards safe delivery in order to avoid high rate of CS dependent delivery.


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