Title: Design and Implementation of a Smart Sensor and RFID Door Lock Security System with Email Notification
Author(s): Enerst Edozie, Kambale Vilaka
Year 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Engineering and Information Systems
File: PDF
Keywords: Proximity Sensor Raspberry Pi RFID Home Security Email notification

Security has been a very significant concern in human society. Ensuring safety of people and their valuable things is very important for the prevention of illegal handling. Providing a security system for houses has become a vital research in which the latest technologies are being adopted to serve this purpose. Wireless network is one of the technologies that have been used to provide remote monitor and control for the home doors or gates, wireless security based applications have rapidly increased due to the dramatic improvement of modern technologies. Many access control systems were designed and/or implemented based on different types of wireless communication technologies by different people. The aim of this paper is to design and implement affordable, low power consumption, flexible, and fast monitoring home security system based on Raspberry Pi for intruder observation that reinforces smart sensor and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to provide essential security to home or office and associated control. The system is designed to access the door using RFID and to sense the current status of the door (That is when the door is open or closed) via proximity sensor. The status of the door is sensed by the proximity sensor and sends email notification to the user, stating the current status of the door. 


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