Title: Design and Implementation of an IP Camera Tracking Robotic System using Raspberry Pi 3B
Author(s): Enerst Edozie
Year 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Engineering and Information Systems
File: PDF
Keywords: Raspberry Pi IOT Ultrasonic sensor Tracking Robot IP Camera Gmail notification Security Servo motor.

Security systems are increasing everyday to protect life and valuable resources, many advanced method of providing security have been developed and are in use in the last few decades. In security risk areas, people often install different kinds of security systems such as flashing lights and alarms which are triggered by sensors, closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) etc. There are various types of sensors being used is these security systems. As the technologies expand rapidly, security systems have forward from alarms to Internet of Things (IoT) which includes IP cameras and even computers. Now many organizations are continually reevaluating and enhancing their video surveillance to provide optimal daily security and operational efficiency. Internet of Things (IOT) is an upcoming technology that makes use of Internet to control/monitor physical devices connected to the Internet. The basic premise is to have smart sensors collaborate directly without human involvement to deliver a new class of applications. There are different kinds of sensors such as infrared sensor, microwave sensor, radio frequency and ultrasonic sensor. However, this project uses ultrasonic sensor to detect moving objects and track them. Due to high state of insecurity being experienced in the entire world the need to keep the occupants of the area aware of any intrusion into their premises will be achieved in this project. This paper aim to design an Embedded Real-Time and a low cost IoT camera tracking robotic system based on Raspberry Pi and ultrasonic sensor for intruder observation that reinforces surveillance technology to provide essential security to homes, offices and associated control. Ultrasonic sensor sense the presence of an intruder & Controller reads the signal from the sensor, if intruder is detected, it turns on the servo motor which help in tracking the intruder’s movement. At the same time the live stream video of the intruder can be monitored, and also the IP camera control system will send an image and video of the intruder via Gmail to the user. The designed system has been proven to be a reasonable advancement in access control and security system technology.


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