Title: Electrical Smart Grid Resilience Based on GSM Technology
Author(s): Emalu Mark, Ibrahim Adabara, Kalulu Mathias, Mufana Masisani William, Ginabel Otiang Okoth, Faseun Yusuf Olusola
Year 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Academic Engineering Research
File: PDF
Keywords: ACS712 current sensor ATMEGA328P Bluetooth module GSM SIM900A Module.

This paper is about a smart grid resilience three-phase power selector, voltage regulator, and overload protection system based on a GSM technology present three-phase power supply, solar mains and generator sources to supply electrical energy to the load centers. It incorporates three steps down transformers that step down the input voltage from 230V or 240V to 12V alternating current (AC). Using the AC to DC converters, this 12V AC is rectified and regulated to 5V direct current (DC), which is fed to the microcontroller as its input. when the microcontroller receives this input of a given source, the relay module will either switch ON/OFF the system. In the event where all the three sources are present, the android app is used to select a suitable source. When the amount of load demand exceeds the capacity of the source, the mobile app is employed to trigger the other remaining sources to meet the load demand. The GSM module controls and sends messages to the GSM operator for any overload notifications. The operator then initiates an operation to the loads utilizing GSM  by sending a text message “normal” to restore the system operation.


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