Title: Infant Mortality Rate and Medical Care in Kaliro District, Uganda
Author(s): Nabeeta Zephaniah
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Infant mortality Maternal care Delivery care Health services Immunization

The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of medical care on the infant mortality rate in the Kaliro district.
The study was majorly quantitative in nature. The longitudinal/cross-sectional design was used based on secondary
data on infant mortality rates and indicators of medical care. Trend analysis (scatter graphs with fitted linear lines)
was used to identify the mortality rate trend; Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) was used to identify relationships
among the variables; regression analysis was adopted to identify the significance and likelihood effects of the different
medical care constructs. Based on the findings, the study concluded that the infant mortality rate has been declining.
Medical care access has a significant impact on the infant mortality rate. The constructs of maternal care, labor, and
delivery care access, access to health services, and immunization coverage significantly influence the infant mortality
rate; that is to say, reduce the likelihood of infant mortality rate. The study recommended that; there is a need for
district health officers to carry out massive sensitization among pregnant mothers to attend antenatal and postnatal
health care services to ensure safe delivery. On the other hand, health practitioners at health centers should
encourage pregnant mothers to practice effective family planning while those diagnosed with HIV/AIDs should be
encouraged to take ART treatment. Government and other stakeholders such as Nongovernmental organizations
should put up more health facilities to ensure that there is even access to medical care and health care. Secondly,
Health practitioners should monitor and supervise pregnant mothers to ensure safe delivery at the health centers.
This would serve to reduce the infant mortality rate. Thirdly there is a need to ensure that infants receive full doses
of immunization for BCG, DPT, and measles by health actors in the district.


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