Title: Mitigating Traffic Gridlock in Apapa and its Effects on Nigeria’s Economy
Author(s): 1Nnadi, E.O.E., 2Eneka, W. A. and 3Okwu-Delunzu, V.U.
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Grillock Economy Infrastructure Mitigation Project

This study evaluated the effect of Apapa Gridlock on the economy of Nigeria. It explored the importance of Transport
Infrastructure Projects (TIPs) in the economic development of Lagos and the country at large. Empirical research was adopted
to evaluate Transport Infrastructure Projects’ effects on societal transformations and economic growth of the nation’s economy.
Data was collected using a structured questionnaire. The gathered dataset was analyzed using the Google Scholar Statistical
tool and the results presented in simple graphs. The summary of the findings shows that 94% of the respondents had
experienced Apapa Gridlock. 100% of the respondents agreed that it affects Lagos economy in general. While 55% posited
Apapa Gridlock contributed to Lagos traffic. 76% of the respondents agreed that previous attempts did not record meaningful
success on reducing Lagos traffic. The result of the T-test was lesser than 0.05, therefore, the null hypothesis was rejected and
the research upholds that there is a positive relationship between Nigeria economy and Apapa Gridlock; because Apapa traffic
slows down economic activities in Lagos which is the capital base of the country. The work concluded that reforms are critical
to solving Apapa Gridlock and recommended the use of a comprehensive multi-tier PPP solution