Title: School policies and discipline of students: A case study of selected Secondary Schools in fort portal municipality, Kabarole district.
Author(s): Richard Kaizire; Namudu Aisha
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: School policies discipline students municipality Kabarole and district

School policies and students discipline are the heart of any education institution. Education is the basis of the official
policy on the purpose and programs of Education. White papers’ articulation of the purpose of Uganda’s education
system continues to be supreme guidance for the sector. The purpose of this study was to establish the influence
School policies on students’ discipline, to establish the influence of school policies on students’ discipline, to identify
the causes of students’ indiscipline in secondary schools and to establish the effects of school administration on
students’ discipline in Fort portal Municipality in Kabalore District. The study was carried out using a crosssectional
survey design to investigate the attitudes, opinions and feelings as well as experiences of teachers, students
and head teachers of the secondary schools of Fort portal Municipality, purposive sampling was used to get the
sample of respondents from head teachers and leaders of the locals while questionnaires was the main instrument of
data collection in this study, which was structured, and self-administered. The study found out that 81 respondents
accounting for 23.9% said that Universal secondary education is one of the influence of school policies, 60
respondents accounting for 17.9% supported compulsory Science subjects as another influence, 52 respondents
accounting for 15.4% supported trained teachers, 46 respondents accounting for 13.5% supported games and sports
or physical education, 28 accounting for 8.2% supported vocational subjects while 71 respondents accounting for
21.1% supported not registering students with division 9 at UCE school policies. The most effective strategy to
maintain discipline in school is by use of dialogue and creating an understanding among students especially their
leaders about the need to live in a disciplined environment both at school and beyond. Appreciation of this philosophy
is a key to discipline maintenance. Discipline issues should be a collective responsibility. Naturally this approach go
hand in hand with good academic performance. The visible presence of teachers in enforcing school rules and
regulations should be to guide learners and teachers on the way forward but not to restrict either party to the
dictates of the rules themselves. Thus, respective schools should take it upon themselves to ensure and promote
friendly environment so as to foster effective teaching and learning.


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