Title: Social Media Addiction among Students of Makerere University Kampala Uganda
Author(s): Nansubuga Juliet
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Social Media Addiction Students Makerere University Kampala and Uganda

There are many reasons why students use social media. The motives for using social media include meeting new
people, entertainment, maintaining relationships, social events and media creation. These motives are among the
common engagement of university students who use social media as findings of some studies show. It was revealed
that postgraduate students of Makerere University made social use of the Internet including sending and receiving
email, socializing through social media (mostly Facebook), chatting, and making new friends. In another study
carried out at the University of Education, social media was also used for connecting with old friends and family
members, finding new friends, obtaining or sharing learning materials, receiving updates on events, posting
information and whiling away time. The socialization feature of these platforms which enables interactive exchange
with others in real-time and the ability to get close to popular people they adore mostly in entertainment may
contribute to their choice and use of social media. Some of these identified motives people engage in on social media
have been described as potentially addictive and may therefore lead to social media addiction. The Internet in itself
is not addictive instead, the social functions, self-expression, communication, and building of personal ties on the
Internet are what is addictive. Since these are common features of social media there is a very high likelihood that
many users are addicted to it.


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