Title: Android Platform Based Smart Grid Hybrid Load Control System
Author(s): Ginabel Otiang Okoth, Ibrahim Adabara, Mufana Masisani William, Emalu Mark, Kalulu Mathias, Faseun Yusuf Olusola
Year 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Science
File: PDF
Keywords: Atmega328P Bluetooth module Inverter Solar Energy Wind Energy.

The android platform based smart grid hybrid load control system is a cost-effective, reliable, effective, pollution-free and environment friendly system that uses solar and wind energy sources to generate electricity. The system consists of solar panel and wind turbines to generate power, the battery charger to control the charges that flow to the DC backup battery, the inverter which converts DC to AC, the relays switches that switch ON/OFF the loads when they receive a controlling signal from the phone, Bluetooth module that receives signals from the phone, a microcontroller that receives the signal from the Bluetooth module and commands the relays and the loads that are controlled automatically using the developed android application. The design process yielded the anticipated positive results as the design worked perfectly as per the proposed concept.


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