Title: Antioxidants and Pregnancy Complications: Exploring Therapeutic Strategies for Better Outcomes
Author(s): Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu*
Year 2024
Publisher: Clinical Journal Of Obstetristics and Gynecology
File: PDF

Pregnancy complications present signi􀏐icant challenges, impacting maternal health and fetal
development. Oxidative stress, a key contributor to various pregnancy-related disorders such
as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and preterm birth, has spurred interest in
exploring antioxidant interventions. Antioxidants, known for their ability to counteract oxidative
damage, have emerged as potential therapeutic agents to mitigate these complications. This
paper synthesizes current knowledge on the role of antioxidants in pregnancy, elucidating their
mechanisms of action, sources, and impact on oxidative stress-related complications. It examines
diverse antioxidant compounds, including vitamins C and E, selenium, and natural phytochemicals,
highlighting their potential to modulate oxidative stress pathways and promote maternal-fetal wellbeing.
Furthermore, this paper critically analyzes clinical studies, meta-analyses, and preclinical
research exploring the ef􀏐icacy and safety of antioxidant supplementation during pregnancy. It
discusses the complexities surrounding optimal dosages, timing, and formulations of antioxidants,
aiming to delineate strategies for their integration into prenatal care. In conclusion, this review
provides insights into the promising role of antioxidants as therapeutic strategies to alleviate
pregnancy complications associated with oxidative stress. It highlights avenues for future research,
advocating for a deeper understanding of antioxidant mechanisms and their optimal utilization in
prenatal care to enhance maternal and fetal health outcomes.