Title: Data-set collected during turning operation of AIS I1045 alloy steel with green cutting fluids in near dry condition
Author(s): Milon Selvam Dennison,Abisha Meji M,Malik Mohamed Umar
Year 2020
Publisher: Elsevier Inc
File: PDF
Keywords: Steel alloy Turning Peanut oil Palm oil ASTM Green cutting fluid Taguchi

This work is to explicate the data collected during the turning of AIS I1045 alloy steel components in near dry condition with emulsified cutting fluids prepared from cooking oils such as Palmoil and Peanut oil. The base oils are tested for its relative density, viscosity and flash point following ASTM standards. Highly influencing turning factors are identified and the experiments are planned and arranged using Taguchi’sL27 (35) orthogonal array, the experiments are repeated to reduce the errors. The quality aspect of machined components and the machining interface temperature is observed as the outcomes.The prediction models are created for the experiments through regression analysis.