Title: Design and Implementation Of Bar (Solid) Soap Shaver Dispenser without Electronic Circuit
Author(s): Enerst Edozie, Wantimba Janat, Zaina Kalyankolo
Year 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Academic Engineering Research
File: PDF
Keywords: Bar Soap Shaver Hygiene Dispenser Soap flakes Metal Hand washing station

Hygiene refers to the practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease especially through cleanliness such as washing hands, coughing in the elbow, etc.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, hand washing is a core preventive measure in the spread of the disease. However, in order to enhance hygiene, using of soap for washing hands is preferable. In this case, bar (solid) soap is given priority as it is cheaper compared to liquid soap; But the challenge is that people come into contact with the soap which may lead to further spread of the disease in case of an infected person(s). And also stealing of the soap since it’s in an open place. Therefore, a bar soap shaver dispenser is suggested for observation of proper hygiene and security. In this case, a metallic lockable container with a grater at the base (this is for shaving the bar soap into soap flakes) is to be mounted on the hand washing station such that a person(s) washing hands can access soap but does not come into contact with it. With bar soap shaver dispenser mounted onto the hand washing station, when you place your hand underneath and push the lever, it grates a bar of soap into little/tiny flakes that easily dissolve into lather while scrubbing your hands with water. It has a pepper mill-like base which grates and dispense soap flakes from the bottom.


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