Title: Enhancing quality healthcare in Nigeria through medical laboratory services A review
Author(s): Abdulrahman Abdulbasit Opeyemi, BMLSa, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu, PhDb,* , Abdulwasiu Oladele Hassan, PhDa
Year 2024
Publisher: Medicine
File: PDF

This article explores the pivotal role of medical laboratory services in enhancing the quality of healthcare in Nigeria. Medical
laboratory science is a comprehensive field that involves a diverse array of diagnostic and analytical procedures. These procedures
are of utmost importance in the provision of patient care, the early diagnosis of diseases, and the promotion of public health. The
article elucidates the progression of medical laboratory services in Nigeria, tracing the transformation from the role of laboratory
assistants to that of medical laboratory scientists. It underscores the significance of these services in informing healthcare
decision-making. The essay also discusses the diverse obstacles encountered by the medical laboratory profession in Nigeria.
The issues encompass insufficiencies in infrastructure, obsolescence of equipment, absence of a coherent policy framework,
slow workforce expansion, persistent labor strikes, and a scarcity of trained specialists. The aforementioned issues not only
impede the effectiveness of laboratory services, but also have extensive ramifications for healthcare provision throughout the
nation. In order to address these difficulties and improve the standard of healthcare, the essay presents practical solutions and
a thorough strategy. Furthermore, it underscores the significance of augmenting financial resources, mitigating corruption, and
tackling wage inequalities in order to effectively retain medical laboratory specialists. The action plan is structured into distinct
phases, each delineated by specified dates and delineating the duties of various stakeholders, such as government entities,
healthcare establishments, professional associations, and diagnostic enterprises.
Abbreviations: LIS = library information systems, MLSCN = Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, NDPs = National
Development Plans
Keywords: health care, laboratory, medical laboratory scientist, medical laboratory services, Nigeria