Title: Evaluating Public Procurement's Challenges in Nigeria's Construction Industry
Author(s): Boniface Nancy Amarachi1, Nnadi Ezekiel1, Val Hyginus Udoka Eze2*
Year 2024
Publisher: International Journal of Recent Technology and Applied Science
File: PDF
Keywords: Construction Project Management Project Quality Public Procurement.

The article explores the challenges faced by public project
management in Nigeria, focusing on the procurement process and its
potential improvements. The research used a survey and descriptive design,
collecting data from 125 procurement offices and federal Ministry of Works
professionals. The study found that poor risk management, dark purchasing,
corruption, and lack of transparency were the top issues, with a mean score
of 4.96. The study also found that the procurement process and industry,
economy, and project quality had a joint influence on the dependent
variables. The study rejected the null hypothesis, stating that the
procurement process significantly impacts the industry, economy, and
project quality in Nigeria. The research recommends implementing
measures to improve the procurement process and punishing offenders to
reduce fraud. The study concludes that the procurement process in Nigeria
significantly impacts the industry, economy, and project quality.