Title: Examining the Impact of Parental Involvement on Reducing School Dropout Rates among Learners with Special Education Needs in Inclusive Settings: A Case Study of the Meteitei Zone, Kenya
Author(s): Karan Stephen
Year 2024
File: PDF

School dropout among learners with Special Education needs in an inclusive setting in Meteitei zone has been
very rampant. Therefore, the researcher is attempting to find ways of minimizing it. The methods used by the
researcher include qualitative analysis, and the findings have been presented in tabular form. The tools utilized
by the researcher were questionnaires. The participants included teachers, Parents Area Education Officers,
and pupils who served as respondents. The findings by the researcher indicate that school dropout among
learners in inclusive settings in Meteitei zone has become a significant challenge and therefore requires
appropriate measures to be taken to curb it. The researcher recommends that the Kenya Institute of Education
provides a flexible curriculum to accommodate all learners' diversities