Title: Hematocrit Fluctuations in HIV Patients Co-infected with Malaria Parasites: A Comprehensive Review
Author(s): Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu1 and Getrude Uzoma Obeagu2
Year 2024
Publisher: International Journal of Current Research in Medical Sciences
File: PDF

The co-occurrence of HIV and malaria co-infection presents a considerable health challenge, particularly in regions
where both diseases are endemic. Hematocrit, a vital marker reflecting the proportion of red blood cells in circulation,
plays a crucial role in understanding the impact of these co-infections on overall health. This comprehensive review
examines the intricate relationship between hematocrit fluctuations and the concurrent presence of HIV and malaria
parasites, addressing keywords such as anemia, immune response, antiretroviral therapy, and immunomodulation. The
review synthesizes existing knowledge, exploring the individual influences of HIV and malaria on hematocrit levels,
and delving into the synergistic effects observed in co-infected individuals. Clinical implications, including diagnostic
challenges and treatment strategies, are discussed, emphasizing the need for a multidisciplinary approach.
Additionally, the review identifies research gaps and proposes future directions, highlighting the importance of
longitudinal studies to elucidate the long-term impact of co-infection on hematocrit dynamics. Overall, this review
provides a comprehensive understanding of hematocrit fluctuations in the context of HIV-malaria co-infection,
aiming to guide clinicians and researchers in developing effective management strategies for this complex and
vulnerable population.
Keywords: Hematocrit, HIV, Malaria, Co-infection, Anemia, Immune Response, Antiretroviral Therapy,
Plasmodium, Parasitemia, Immunomodulation