Title: Influential Factors in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Prevalence Among Sexually Active Women at Kampala International University-Western Campus, Ishaka-Bushenyi, Uganda
Author(s): Namutebi Suzan
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: prevalence pelvic inflammatory disease sexually active women

PID is a significant public health issue among sexually active women, with silent PID being
a major diagnostic and treatment challenge. A 2008 study estimated an average direct
medical cost of $3,202 per case of PID. A quantitative, cross-sectional, descriptive study
was conducted to assess the factors influencing the prevalence of PID among sexually
active women attending OBS/GYN clinics at KIU-TH. The study found that 45.6% of sexually
active women at KIU-TH had PID, with 80.6% having their first intercourse at 18 years of
age, 19.4% starting between 15-18 years, and 90.6% preferring pills or withdrawal for
contraception. 51.9% attended government healthcare, while 56.2% used government
facilities. Most PID patients reached within one hour or less than 30 minutes. Only 38.7%
could meet their bills without insurance. Most patients agreed that health sensitization is
essential, and 96.9% received counseling and professional advice. 62.5% of PID affected
women were under 35 years old, 35.5% were unemployed, and 59.3% earned ≤50,000/=
and had secondary education. The prevalence of PID among sexually active women at KIUTH
is 45.6%.