Title: Innovative Design and Implementation of Portable and Rechargeable Air Purifier and Humidifier
Author(s): Kelechi John Ukagwu1, Enzoionzi Azando Isaac2, Val Hyginus Udoka Eze1,3*, Chikadibia Kalu Awa Uche4, Faith Ukagwu5
Year 2024
Publisher: International Journal of Recent Technology and Applied Science
Keywords: Air Purifier Arduino Uno Rechargeable Humidifier Renewable Energy SDG Solar.

This study presents the innovative design and successful
implementation of a Portable and Rechargeable Air Purifier and Humidifier
(PRAPH) aimed at addressing indoor air quality issues in Uganda. The
device combines air purification and humidification functionalities into a
compact, user-friendly, and energy-efficient unit. The design phase of the
PRA-PH involved a thorough analysis of existing air purifiers and
humidifiers, identifying key limitations such as limited portability, energy
inefficiency, and complex maintenance requirements. The system
incorporates high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, activated carbon
filters, and ultrasonic humidification technology to effectively remove
particulate matter, allergens, and airborne contaminants while
simultaneously maintaining optimal humidity levels. A rechargeable
lithium-ion battery was integrated to ensure portability, enabling users to use
the PRA-PH without relying on a constant power source. Additionally,
smart sensors and microcontroller-based control systems were employed to
automate the device's operation, adjusting purification and humidification
settings based on real-time air quality measurements. The PRA-PH was
subjected to rigorous testing to evaluate its efficiency in purifying air and
maintaining suitable humidity levels across various indoor environments.
The results demonstrated significant improvements in air quality,
showcasing the device's ability to effectively remove pollutants and
maintain a comfortable humidity range. This study contributes to a portable
and rechargeable air purifier and humidifier system that addresses the
limitations of existing solutions. The PRA-PH's innovative design, efficient
operation, and user-friendly interface make it a promising option for
individuals seeking a convenient and effective way to improve indoor air
quality and enhance the overall well-being of Ugandans