Title: Integrating Medicinal Plant Diversity in Post-COVID Uganda for Holistic Healthcare Management
Author(s): *1Ugwu Okechukwu Paul-Chima, 1Alum Esther Ugo, 1Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi, 2Shanthi Subbarayan and 2Vidya Sankarapandiyan
Year 2023
Publisher: IAA Journal of Biological Sciences
File: PDF

The exploration of medicinal plant diversity in Uganda and across Africa holds substantial
importance in the realms of ethnobotany, traditional medicine, and modern healthcare. This
diversity, deeply rooted in indigenous communities, forms the foundation of traditional
healing practices. Conservation of Africa's biodiversity hotspots, coupled with sustainable
practices, is crucial for preserving these invaluable resources. However, challenges persist
in bridging traditional knowledge with scientific validation, addressing ethical collection
practices, and ensuring equitable benefit-sharing. Collaborative efforts involving scientists,
indigenous communities, and governments are pivotal for systematic study and
conservation. Regulation, standardization, and integration of traditional medicine within
healthcare systems remain imperative for safe and effective utilization.
Keywords: Healing potential, Medicinal Plants, Post-COVID, Disease management and