Title: Internet of things security module using Raspberry PI in an examination room
Author(s): Musisi Weinand
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Examination Education and Industries Employment Students Institutions

Examination occupies a very strategic role position in our lives both in education and industries. Teachers, lecturers
and counsellors rely on them for a comprehensive evaluation of their students and clients. In industries, experts in
human relations and employment bureaus utilize tests in reaching a decision as to the employment of an individual.
Despite the importance of examinations or test-taking for diagnostic placement, classification and quality control in
Ugandan institutions, the integrity and credibility of public examinations have been eroded and corrupted with
increasing incidences of examination malpractices. Internet of Things security is a project that brings an idea to
schools and institutions to improve the examination security monitoring level and too the engineering role in
society. As engineers, all we need to do is to come up with possible solutions to deal with the problem. There has
been rampant malpractice around the globe in schools which has brought us the attention to think and innovate;
using raspberry pi the mini-computer to store data and to run programs which brings the need tackled. One can use
his laptop, desktop, or mobile phone to access and use it to see what is happening. It can store data say Student
databases, and results, among others. The camera can be used for taking pictures and videos as the fingerprint does
the biometric authentication, and with these, we can curb the rampant act of exam malpractices.