Title: Leveraging Capitalization for Enhanced Project Delivery in the Nigerian Construction Industry: A Sustainable Risk Management Approach
Author(s): 1Nnadi, Ezekiel Ejiofor and 2Ugwu, Onuegbu Okonkwo
Year 2024
Publisher: INOSR Scientific Research
File: PDF

The Nigerian construction industry grapples with challenges such as low profit margins, cost overruns, and project
abandonment, necessitating robust risk management strategies. This study investigates the impact of capitalization
on sustainable risk management within large construction firms in Nigeria. Data from 198 firms were collected via
questionnaires, interviews, and secondary sources, revealing significant benefits of capitalization including increased
turnover, risk reduction, and improved image. The findings underscore the importance of integrating risk
management evaluation into construction procurement processes to optimize project delivery. This research
contributes to the discourse on sustainable development in the construction sector by advocating for strategic
capitalization as a means of mitigating risks and enhancing project outcomes.
Keywords: Capitalization, project delivery, risks, risk management, sustainability