Title: Nigerian Family Planning: Taking Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Aspects into Account for Sustainable Development
Author(s): Ogbozor Ndidi Chukwudi
Year 2024
File: PDF

The present paper attempts to scrutinize the complex aspect of family planning in Nigeria which is seen as being a
catalyst for positive outcomes among women's health issues, wellbeing of their families and the country's
progress. Agreeing with SDG that family planning is its top most mission, the World Health Organization
(WHO) has chosen it to save the life of mothers and children who are facing complications during the child
birth. Although the trend of declining fertility worldwide at the hands of the global contraception is an established
fact, the situation of Nigerian women is quite different as they are actually facing a high birth rates and such a
phenomenon could eventually lead to a population explosion which in turn would aggravate the economic and
social problems. The research explores the multidimensional factors of family planning that comprise the
socioeconomic and socio-cultural driving force and emphasizes the intervention efficiency necessity.
Keywords: Family Planning, Society, Socio economic matters, and Cultural facto