Title: Quality Assurance in Sub-Saharan Africa Tertiary Institution: Towards Attainment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs)
Author(s): Menwo Ukechi Osigwe, Idoli Nwachukwu Ben, Afam Uzorka
Year 2019
Publisher: Sch J Arts Humanit Soc Sci ISSN 2347-9493 (Print) | ISSN 2347-5374 (Online)
File: PDF
Keywords: Sub-Saharan modalities

The educational sector is the largest enterprise whose function remains indispensable. It is the centre for research, human resource development and highly dependable to proffer solutions to global needs therefore, quality assurance in this industry cannot be compromised. In order to ensure a peak performance by these institutions of higher learning there is need for modalities that will enhance quality output. In this paper, some of the strategies for enhancing quality tertiary education were discussed.