Title: Quality management system in Coorporate business: A case study of a Customer focus approach in Kimironko Sector-Gasabo District.
Author(s): Samanya Bulhan; Florence Umurungi Musiime
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Quality management Coorporate business Customer approach Kimironko and Gasabo

The study was about quality management system in coorporate business, a case study of a customer focus
approach in Kimironko Sector -Gasabo district. The study is based on the three objectives which included: To
identify the role played by quality management in corporate business, to document the challenges facing quality
management in corporate business and to suggest the possible ways of improving quality management in
corporate businesses. The study used explanatory research design following a sample of 410 respondents. Both
simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used during the study. Different data collection methods
were used during the study, like self-administered questionnaires and interview guides. The study findings were
analyzed using micro soft computer package. The study findings were discussed and interpreted following the
order of the research objectives. The study concluded that different roles played by quality management in
corporate business were given out like attraction of customers, expansion of business, production of quality goods
and services, making of profits as well as reduction in costs of production. This was evidenced by the majority of
the respondents and most challenges facing quality management in corporate business were given out like poor
planning, poor organizing and stiff competition. It was also evidenced by the majority of the respondents. The
study however recommended that there should be effective business planning in the corporate partnerships so as
to standardize quality management in businesses. It was noted that if corporate businesses can be planned well,
and then growth and expansion of the businesses can be achieved thus, leading to development and managerial
skills should be considered highly in corporate businesses so as to improve on the performance of corporate
businesses. They revealed that with managerial skills, corporate businesses make profits thus leading to effective
development of such businesses