Title: Refocusing on Gender Roles in Agriculture and their Impact on Household Food Security: An in-depth Analysis of Chosen Wards within Kisarawe District, Tanzania
Author(s): Ainebyoona Christine and Kiweewa Emmanuel
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Gender Agricultural Activities Household and Food Security

The research conducted in selected wards of Kisarawe, Tanzania, aimed to examine
the interplay between gender dynamics, agricultural endeavors, and household food
security. The study objectives encompassed identifying gender-based roles in
ensuring food security, evaluating the contribution of agricultural activities to food
security, and elucidating the intricate relationship between gender, agricultural
practices, and household food security. Employing a descriptive correlational
design, data was gathered from a randomly chosen sample of 308 respondents. Data
collection involved the use of researcher-designed questionnaires, interviews, and
observations. The analysis encompassed descriptive statistics, which included
frequency counts and means, as well as Pearson linear correlation coefficients. The
research findings underscored a significant relationship between gender roles,
agricultural activities, and household food security. Consequently, it was deduced
that the primary factors contributing to food insecurity in Kisarawe, Tanzania,
encompassed unequal ownership of productive assets, the burden of women's
domestic responsibilities, limited decision-making opportunities for women, an
absence of labor division, suboptimal technology utilization, limited access to
capital, a lack of crop diversification, and inadequate information about modern
farming methods. Based on these findings and conclusions, the study suggests
several recommendations. These include advocating for equitable resource
ownership, promoting gender-balanced decision-making processes, fostering an
equitable division of labor, providing access to ample information, encouraging crop
diversification, and advancing technological capabilities in the pursuit of enhanced
food security in Kisarawe, Tanzania.