Title: Strategic Leadership and Project Management Sustainability in Enugu, Nigeria
Author(s): Nnadi, Ezekiel Ejiofor* and 2Ezeugwu, Onyekachi Kingsley
Year 2023
File: PDF
Keywords: Strategic Leadership Project Management and Sustainability

This study examines the relationship between strategic leadership and project management sustainability in
Enugu, Nigeria, with a particular focus on construction projects in the State. The study aimed to achieve two
specific objectives: first, to determine the relationship between visionary project coordination and resource
efficiency of construction projects in Enugu State, Nigeria; and second, to establish the relationship between
innovative thinking and waste reduction in construction projects in Enugu State, Nigeria. The study employed
descriptive research design, collecting primary data with a structured questionnaire from forty-five registered
Architectural firms in the study area. The data collected were analyzed using Spearman Rank Order Correlation
due to the nonparametric nature of the data. The results show that visionary project coordination had a significant
positive effect on resource efficiency in construction projects by Architecture firms in Enugu State, Nigeria (r =
.849; p<.001), and innovative thinking had significant effect on waste reduction in construction projects by
Architecture firms in Enugu State, Nigeria (r = .849; p<.001). It was concluded that strategic leadership had
significant effect on project management sustainability, and it was thus recommended that project managers
should anticipate, prepare and clearly communicate present and future developments to project staff to ensure that
the goal of sustainable initiatives such as recycling and reuse are implemented in construction projects