Title: Survey on general awareness, mental state and academic difficulties among students due to COVID-19 outbreak in the western regions of Uganda
Author(s): M. Abisha Meji , Milon Selvam Dennison
Year 2020
Publisher: Heliyon
File: PDF
Keywords: Psychology Student Academic Mental state Uganda Pandemic COVID-19 Lockdown

This academic research is carried out to access the general awareness, mental state and academic difficulties among different age groups of students studying in various schools, colleges, or Universities during this lockdown period due to the COVID-19 crisis in the western regions of Uganda. An aggregate of 405 students participated in this survey. Among them 253 students are from rural regions, 59 students are from semi-urban regions and 93 students are from urban regions. This survey is classified into three sections: the first section spotlights the perceptive level of students about the COVID-19 crisis, the second section emphasizes the mental state of students and the final section highlights the academic difficulties faced by the students during this lockdown period. A statistical run is deliberated with the aid of SPSS version 20 software to evaluate the significance level (P-Val- ue<0.05) of each question among the localities.