Title: The Dynamics of Public Financing in Heavy Engineering Projects: A Comprehensive Analysis of International Relations
Author(s): 1Nnadi, Ezekiel Oluwaseun Ejiofor, 2Usman, Muhammad Sani and 3Okereke, Reuben
Year 2024
Publisher: INOSR Scientific Research
File: PDF

The study examines public financing in heavy engineering projects, highlighting the importance of a
multidisciplinary approach. Key factors include bilateral agreements, international financial institutions, and
geopolitical tensions. Public financing is crucial for long-term, capital-intensive projects, and institutional capacity
and governance effectiveness are essential for successful implementation. The research integrates economics,
political economy, and institutional theory to provide practical insights for policymakers, project managers, and
investors. Key factors influencing financing mechanisms include bilateral and multilateral agreements,
international financial institutions, and geopolitical tensions. The study emphasizes transparency, accountability,
and governance in infrastructure financing, as well as collaboration among countries, international organizations,
and the private sector. This contributes to understanding global governance and cooperation in infrastructure
investment, guiding optimization of financing strategies, and promoting sustainable development outcomes.
Keywords: Engineering projects, International relations, multidisciplinary approach and public financing