Title: Understanding Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices towards Sickle Cell Disease among Adult Outpatients: Insights from Lira Regional Referral Hospital, Northern Uganda
Author(s): Ayiashi Koma Bazilele
Year 2024
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This study investigates the knowledge, attitude, and practices (KAP) regarding sickle cell disease (SCD) among
adult outpatients at Lira Regional Referral Hospital (LRRH) in Northern Uganda. Employing a descriptive crosssectional
qualitative approach, data were collected from 100 adult patients aged 18 years and above attending the
general outpatient department (OPD) at LRRH. Results revealed a substantial level of awareness of SCD among
respondents, predominantly sourced from healthcare facilities and media outlets. While many recognized SCD as
hereditary, misconceptions regarding its etiology and symptoms were evident. Notably, there was a knowledge
gap regarding the treatability of SCD. Attitudes towards marrying individuals with SCD were predominantly
negative, reflecting concerns about genetic transmission. However, there was a positive inclination towards
premarital SCD testing. Regarding practices, reliance on medical facilities for SCD treatment was predominant,
with minimal engagement with alternative therapies. Recommendations include sustained awareness campaigns,
integration of SCD prevention and control initiatives, and further research to elucidate regional SCD prevalence
determinants. Efforts to enhance male involvement in SCD advocacy and capacity building among healthcare
providers are advocated to optimize SCD management and prevention strategies within the community.
Keywords: Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, Sickle Cell Disease, Outpatients