Title: Understanding Knowledge, Attitude, and Uptake of Cervical Cancer Screening among Women in Kiryandongo General Hospital
Author(s): Ezra Conrad Kironde
Year 2024
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Cervical cancer remains a significant public health concern globally, particularly in low-income countries where
mortality rates are disproportionately high. This cross-sectional study aimed to assess the knowledge, attitude,
and uptake of cervical cancer screening among reproductive-aged women attending Kiryandongo General
Hospital in Uganda. A sample size of 288 participants was determined using a modified Daniel’s formula, and data
was collected using investigator-administered questionnaires. Results revealed that while the majority of
participants had heard about cervical cancer, knowledge about its causative agent, risk factors, and preventive
measures was low. Despite this, a considerable proportion expressed positive attitudes towards screening and
willingness to undergo screening. However, the uptake of cervical cancer screening was alarmingly low, with only
4.9% of participants having been screened. These findings underscore the urgent need for comprehensive
awareness campaigns and improved access to screening services in order to address the knowledge gaps and
increase uptake of cervical cancer screening among women in the study area.
Keywords: Cervical Cancer Screening, Pap smears, Health education, Knowledge, Attitude, Uptake,
Reproductive-aged women