Title: Utilization of Postnatal Care Services at Timagi Health Center Three, Oyam District
Author(s): George Ogwang
Year 2023
Publisher: IAA Journal of Biological Sciences
File: PDF
Keywords: utilization postnatal care health center

Postnatal Care (PNC) is known to significantly reduce maternal and infant morbidities and
mortalities, yet its utilization remains suboptimal. Recent data shows that only 54.3% of
women in Uganda receive PNC services from skilled healthcare providers. Factors
influencing this underutilization have not been extensively investigated. This study aimed
to identify the factors affecting the utilization of PNC services at Timagi Health Center III in
Oyam District. A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted, involving 200 mothers
with children under 1 year of age, randomly selected from those attending Timagi Health
Center III. Data was collected through structured questionnaires and analyzed using SPSS
version 25.0. Relationships between variables were assessed using the chi-square test, with
statistical significance set at p<0.05. The study found that the average age of participants
was 23.9 years (standard deviation 5.5). The majority were married (83.5%), engaged in
farming (83.0%), and only 6.0% had tertiary education. Utilization of PNC care was low at
41.5% and was influenced by marital status (X2=11.19; P=0.004) and the place of delivery
(X2=12.65; P=0.002). A significant proportion (73.5%) of women who received PNC were
married, while 74.4% of those who did not attend PNC had delivered in private health
facilities. In conclusion, the study revealed a low utilization of postnatal care services in
the area, with only 41.5% of women attending PNC at least twice. Predictive factors for PNC
service utilization in this study were being married and delivering at a government
hospital. The study recommends collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Health,
Oyam District Health Team, and Timagi Health Center III to raise community awareness
about the importance of PNC services. Healthcare workers should also actively inform
clients about PNC services and schedule appointments. Further, a larger-scale study is
needed to validate the determinants of PNC service utilization.